I want to thank Dr. Baskar T R in Hyderabad who cured me of 23 years of sinusitis - a brilliant homoeopath and friend, he was first to give me hope that I can live without drugs in 2003 and asked me to do what I love. I will always be thankful for him for helping my family.

I want to thank my friends at the Homoeopathic Self Reliance Forum in Bangalore and it president PV Sathyanarayana, who has helped thousands of people through the voluntary services of the institution.

He has constantly helped to surrender my ego and serve without any inhibitions. His mentality of serving others without worrying about what they think about him is an example worth emulating.

Being in service makes every day so complete that if death were to come to me today, I will die a satisfied man. As the famous Sanskrit phrase goes - Danyosmi, Danyosmi, Tridanyosmi. (I am Blessed, Blessed, Thrice Blessed).

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