Sutra 29 - Gifting dry fruits

Make a difference to the health of the people around you. Gift them dry fruits. It is an old practice in India to carry fruits when visiting friends or relatives. Fruits are the best food that is cooked by the sun ('Arka pakva' or sun cooked, Pakva also means fully developed in Sanskrit) and are a ready source of good energy.

Many people show love by buying chocolates, chips, cakes, cool drinks or ice creams to children. They do this without realising that they are doing them a disfavour. Many children come down with a cold or stomach upset, especially after a birthday party. They miss school and everyone suffers. Many of my friends keep a monthly budget for visiting doctors. It looks as if they are planning for ill health.

Today, in the Americas, one in three people run the risk of lifestyle diseases, obesity and/or cancer. Is that the gift we want to leave for our children? India can be original and lead the way to a healthier and greener planet and you can be the pioneer.

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