1. Choose a weekend when you are willing to begin the Plan and commit to it for a full year without long breaks in between. The plan requires dedication and commitment. No half measures.

2. Keep a diary and do a lot of sharing. Like all regimens, this is about DOING and not reading. I have made special efforts to keep a lot of logical descriptions and explanations away as the plans are designed to help you jump into action and not fodder for thought.

3. Everything you share grows. Make it point to form small groups that can share their experiences from trying these. This could among co-workers or neighbours. You can also choose to forward one plan a week on a Sunday to a select group of friends. This increases the pressure on you to be committed to the plan.

4. If you face a hurdle or have to break the plan for a few weeks, do not discontinue, you can come back and begin from where you left off.

5. These are experiments that have worked for many others. But is not a substitute for medical advice.  Do not take my word for true. Your experience is your best guide. If something does not work for you, please stop it and move on.

6. Practice Vivafive at your own risk. The intention of this site is not to put people in trouble. I also am not against any form of medicine. You are free not to follow the advice in the site.

7. The site follows the principle of 'BUILD AS YOU GO'. This means that I will check the posts every week based on feedback and update it. So if you see some changes to the post that you read before don't be surprised. It just means that I have had a few new learning.

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