Rhythm of Life

Today I met a factory worker. 4 years back, doctors had advised him to remove his diabetic feet due to complications. Thanks to an accomplished alternate healer, his foot was saved and more than that, he has not spent a Rupee on drugs in the last 4 years. Within hours of his session with the healer, the man started to pass foul smelling urine. Over a few days, as the body eliminated its accumulated toxins, he experienced a sense of freshness and aliveness. Fresh oxygenated blood started to revitalise his every cell. And slowly his leg healed. No expensive drugs or surgery. Just plain common sense of using the body's intelligence to heal itself.

How is this possible? The alternate healer was an expert at finding out what is out of rhythm in the body. He also had studied the inter-relationships of these rhythms. And he knew the technique to activate a rhythm. And when this happened the body took over the healing.

To understand this, we need to understand the rhythm of life. Our heart beats to a rhythm, our breath follows a rhythm, our peristaltic movement follows a rhythm, the menstrual cycles follow a rhythm (of approximately 28 days), the Sun, the moon and the planets follow a rhythm. As their forces act on the planet, the tides and the seasons - all follow a certain rhythm. The entire Universe follows a rhythm.

And the various rhythms in the body are in harmony with one another. If one of your rhythms go out of harmony then it affects all the other rhythms. One way to look at health is to view it as the rhythm of life. As long it 'pulsates' you are alive. And the day the rhythm stops, you die.

If you are in synch with life, there is a certain harmony you feel within yourself. You feel you are in the flow, then action seems effortless. And fatigue levels are low. There is a certain connectedness with your family and colleagues. And there is a certain sense of optimism and anticipation. A good place to re-establish health within yourself is to observe and became aware of the various rhythms.

You can start to observe this rhythm easily. Noticing your breath, your heart beat, your pulse, your eyelids fluttering, your stomach as it rises and falls...all will make you more aware and in synch with your internal rhythms. And it is a pleasurable pastime as if you are meditating with your eyes open.

Disease in one sense is falling out of rhythm. You can call it different names and have the most sophisticated systems diagnose you. But you will be the first one to come to know before any doctor, when you are not diseased. Out of rhythm is like a block in the flow of the rhythm. As if life is not 'flowing'. And over a period of time, this leads to chronic problems and affects organs and its functions.

Putting yourself back in rhythm will help get your body back on track. This is such a simple science - the science of learning the managing the rhythm of life. Most alternate system of medicine/wellness use techniques to bring us back into the rhythm - Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupuncture, Accupressure, Yoga, Pranayama, Tai chi, Music Therapy, Magneto Therapy etc. Maybe some day in future, we will be ready for this science.

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