Rains - Care during season change

The effect of the Moon on moods has been well known for centuries (The word lunatic has its origin in the variation of hysterical and depressed patients around moon cycles). But what is often missed is the effect of the Sun on digestion. It will soon be rainy season, and all over India, marriages or any other functions where a feast is usually the norm will be avoided. This is for a reason. Your digestive system is less active (it rests and rejuvenates) during the rainy months because it will be cloudy. So to keep good health for yourself and your family during the next 3 months, eat an early meal (you can replace your Breakfast with lunch); eat a light lunch and even lighter supper (a simple rice gruel around sunset is enough). Avoid eating anything after sunset. A glass of milk with turmeric is recommended at night. Avoid rich foods (Oily foods and Flour based with excess sugars) during the next 3 months.

The rainy months are also ideal for rejuvenation of the body – People who are considering detox programs and Ayurvedic massages can consider doing so in June-July for this as the body is very responsive to these treatments during these months. The above regimen also is helpful to lose weight without strict diets as you are now working alongside the body’s biological clock.

Following the above regimen will also protect you in case there are breakouts of epidemics like Chikungunya and Dengue. Pass this on to friends and family who have children and older people as they are more susceptible.

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