Sutra 37 - Don't manage your time, manage your energy!

A constant excuse for not caring enough for our health, our family and things that are important to us is - 'lack of time'. Philosophies of the East including Zen insist that one should maximise the amount of energy we give to a piece of work to get the maximum result. This is also what the Gita says. If you consciously participate in every waking activity, from brushing your teeth to writing an Email to answering a question to chewing food, you will soon see that you are doing more in less time.

On the contrary if you are less attentive, our energies decrease, and it takes longer to meet the demands at office or at home. The result, is chronic fatigue and poor results. Like a famous person said, "A busy person is someone who has time for everything."

If you have some interesting insights about managing time better, please share it for others' benefit. Sharing is growing.

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