Sutra 35 - Paperless, well almost...

Anxiety is a fear of something unknown. Anxiety syndrome is very common and is a major cause for chronic fatigue. One practical way of developing a stress free outlook to life is to start your day with something extemely positive. It could be some words of gratitude.

For many of us reading the newspaper is a way of starting the day. Nothing can be more stressful as often the newspaper is not a reflection of reality. Imagine starting your day with a lot of negativity.

A better time to read papers would be in the afternoon after lunch. Practice this for a month and let me know if this made a difference to your health.

You can also choose to tackle the most important task for the day. It could be an tough Email or a project report. Tackling it first and early in the morning, takes the stress out of the day and gives you ample time to deal with other things. Keep the newspaper for the period after your noon meal or when coming back from office.

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