Sutra 30 - Herbal Tea

Suffering from constant colds. Sun dry Tulsi leaves and rose petals and add them to your bottle of tea. You can also add elaichi into the bottle after removing the skin of the cardamom. The flavour of your daily tea would improve manifold. Tulsi is a divine plant (the only plant that releases oxygen day and night). Tulsi is also an excellent medicine for controlling phlegm and relieving cold. It boosts immunity.

You can also switch to trying a lot of herbal teas and black tea instead of the milk chai that is common in India. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants.

A common replacement for tea in the Ayurvedic tradition is having lemon with warm water and honey. It acts as an excellent detergent to clean your liver, which can save you from a variety of diseases in the long run.

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