Sutra 33 - Give your body a chance

"When you are sick of sickness, you are no longer sick" - Chinese Proverb.

In spite of all the drugs you take, it is your body that heals itself. The drugs relieve the discomfort caused by the symptoms. If you are in habit of reaching out for drugs at the first sight of a health disturbance, it is likely that you will have more frequent illnesses or chronic diseases. The reason is that the body's natural ability to deal with diseases is compromised.

The body being a machine is prone for an occasional breakdown. Even the best doctors and health freaks will experience an occasional health disturbance. Next time you get a small health breakdown, give the body a chance to recover on its own. Drink more fluids, skip heavy meals and rest your digestive system.Announce a shutdown and take rest. You may experience physical discomfort or a fever. Allow it to be. Overtime, you will realise that the body can deal with diseases as long as we don't confuse its natural intelligence (also called immunity).

Like me, if you spent more than 20 years consuming all kinds of drugs, it may take a few years before the body can find its balance. But you should start somewhere.

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