Sutra 27 - Ignore Stress!

Stress arises from lack of integrity! Don't manage stress, manage integrity. The work 'yoga' means alignment. Integrity is the alignment of your thoughts, words and deeds. This is all there is to Yoga. Practice doing what you say and say what you do consistently for better health.

Many of us suffer from bad health because we do not say 'No'. This increases our working hours. Instead, if we can say what we can do and what we cannot, we can avoid a lot of stress upfront. It is going to be difficult for the first few weeks, but again the key is practice. In Gita, the Lord says, "practice and willpower is all it takes to tame the mind."

Owning up mistakes and not making excuses is the easiest way to beat stress. Practice it at least 5 times every day and every time you feel fatigued. Integrity helps not only businesses, but also to relieve aches and postural problems. Have you seen the spine of a real hero. Try it and let us know.

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