Sutra 25 - Start your day with more than a litre of water

Let the first thing that touch your tummy in the morning be water. Though widely known, many people find it difficult to follow this advice. If you are averse to drinking cold water, you can choose to drink warm water.

Your tummy is like the vessel in which you have cooked your previous night's meal. So before you do further cooking, it is essential to wash it. Dumping food continuously into the tummy without cleaning it often results in the fresh food mixing with half digested food inside the tummy.

Drink about 6 glasses of water to start your day. You can drink about 3 glasses and give a break before you have your next 3 glasses.

Many people start their day with a bed coffee or tea. They also give children milk as soon as they get up. This is not a healthy practice. I have seen several children's health improve including my own, after we started this practice of starting the day with a few glasses of water. This is a golden tip for parents who want to see their children's health improve. Make it a point to share this simple tip with as many parents and teachers, they are the architects of the world's future.

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