Sutra 22 - Practice Silence

Practice silence for a full day once a month. This is perhaps the most difficult practice for many of us (at least for me!).

Like we saw earlier, rest has an important place in Vivafive's health regimen. Most of the time, we live like automatons - reacting to every stimulus that comes our way in pre-determined patterns.

As we consciously stop talking, we become aware of the amount of thoughts and restlessness that is inside our heads. We become aware of the useless churn of thoughts and reactions that we engage in.

You can start with about 4 hours at a stretch and then over time extend it to a full day of silence. Set expectations with friends and family before hand or switch off your mobile. You can catch on the missed calls later.

Slowly, over time a sense of calmness takes over and we become masters of the senses. The discipline that we get from this leaves us with an extraordinary power and freedom over our mind, which is at the root of many of the diseases.

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